Case studies

An overview of some of our past projects.

External communications and copywriting

From creating copy for brochures to organising events, we can help you improve your business communications both internally and externally.

Our direct mail campaigns to clients’ customers generate response rates that frequently outperform other marketing tools, as well as orders that recoup the cost not just of the individual mailer that inspired it, but also of all of the dozens of mailers in a campaign.

For example, the total number of press cuttings generated for one B2B client almost doubled in two years and a performance value report that measured this by equivalent advertising value showed a return on investment of up to 493% (ad value divided by our PR fee and separation fees).

Internal communications

Handling change correctly can make or break a business. When a UK pharmaceutical distributor was taken over by a German giant, we put in place a bilingual communications plan that not only catered for everyone within the company – MD to shop floor worker – but also the fact that the new management had to understand how bringing German methods of working to a British company had to be done with extra empathy.

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Issue and crisis management

In an ideal world, a new client lacking a formal crisis management plan will agree they need one and enlist us to prepare it. But if we can’t be pro-active, we will be reactive for them, as was the case when one B2B client lost two members of staff in fatal factory accidents in a couple of months. We became part of the team briefing senior management and Health and Safety and legal representatives to ensure negative publicity was minimised. We also stepped into bodyguard role when the MD of the company was verbally abused in court by the family of one of the victims.