Our foundations

TLC pr was formed in 2006 by Lynn and Tracy who had been working as PR directors for two independent full-service marketing agencies.

Commitment is at the very heart of the TLC way of working. It’s our biggest single promise to our clients and the reason our relationships with them go way beyond mere service. We’ll help your brand progress by formulating your PR plans with you as partners, rather than providers.

We bring a total of over 50 years’ PR experience to our roles as directors of a dedicated PR agency that only delivers at director level. Client work is not devolved down to junior staff.

Although we are a B2B specialist, particularly in the construction sector, we also bring consumer experience with some of the UK’s biggest brands.

How we work

When we meet for the first time, we will ask for a brief and/or ‘interrogate’ you about what you are looking for PR to deliver, how you want any campaign to be measured, what budget you have, and whether you would rather work on a retainer or ad-hoc basis.

We will also advise you honestly about whether your strategy addresses issues readers care about, not your business, as that objectivity is vital for success.

Whichever PR tool you use needs to fit in with your marketing objectives as a whole. There should be synergies between all elements so that whatever your audience is seeing or hearing, whether it be editorial, advertising, direct mail or video, they know the message is coming from you.