A Graf UK wastewater treatment plant being commissioned



Free commissioning launched by wastewater treatment specialists Graf UK.

Water management specialists Graf UK are launching what is thought to be an industry first with free commissioning of their wastewater treatment systems.

The move, which involves substantial investment in people and processes, is a proactive approach to dealing with and resolving common challenges caused by poor or incorrect installation or the lack of or sub-standard commissioning, service and maintenance, as the German-engineered systems themselves are renowned for their reliability.

Commissioning should take under an hour, but many end users and specifiers are unaware it is as essential a requirement as gas and electricity services are legally required to be signed off by specialists.

As well as the free commissioning on the One2Clean and Klaro plants, Graf UK is also offering a three-year warranty, extended from one year, on the technology of their systems when the purchaser takes up a service agreement with a member of Graf’s growing national network of accredited service providers.

David Stagg, Graf UK’s technical manager David Stagg said: “A large percentage of end users simply aren’t aware that commissioning is available and how important it is to the long-term wellbeing of their plant. We have therefore taken the unique step of offering free commissioning with all our One2Clean and Klaro treatment plants.”

He explained that while registration systems do not guarantee the quality of long-term service and maintenance and the protection of ground water from potential pollution, such systems exist in Wales and Scotland but not currently in England.

Historically, there were some agencies which registered and tracked treatment plants but when the General Binding Rules were introduced by the Environment Agency in 2015, it is understood all this ceased.

David said: “We have seen a culture change, where more people are now doing their research and due diligence before purchasing a wastewater treatment plant, but we recognised that we needed to take on the responsibility ourselves and become the Watchdog for our own systems, to avoid any potential emotional impact on the homeowner and environmental damage that may be caused without such measures in place.”

Issues with non-commissioned wastewater treatment systems can include odours due to poor aeration, sub-standard operation in general due to poor installation and system set up, and compressor breakdowns. Commissioning a Graf UK wastewater treatment plant involves a 15-20 point check list and usually costs approximately £150-£300, possibly more, depending on location and notice period.