Groundforce Safety adds lifesaving equipment to its safety product range


Groundforce Safety adds defibrillators to safety product portfolio.

Specialist construction equipment supplier Groundforce has taken its hire fleet of site safety products to the next level, with the introduction of (AED) iPad SP1 defibrillators.

These defibrillators help contractors to provide potentially lifesaving treatment to their site personnel. Combined with effective CPR, they are the only definitive treatment for casualties of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Without immediate treatment, 95% of SCAs are fatal but delivering a shock within three to five minutes of onset increases a person’s survival chances from 6% to 74%.

The defibrillators are the latest evidence of Groundforce’s commitment to driving and improving safety standards in the industry, with initiatives such as its industry training courses and an extensive range of equipment that includes edge protection systems for excavation support systems and ladder access platforms. Fall arrest and rescue systems, davit arm rescue systems and stretchers have also recently been added to the portfolio.

Joseph Lenihan, Director at Groundforce Ireland, said: “We believe every site, no matter how small, should have a defibrillator. We are in the business of protecting people’s lives and this new product offering complements our existing excavation safety and rescue systems.”