Groundforce are using KTC Safety, a long established, independent training centre, as a base in Ireland to offer their accredited EUSR training courses.

The Irish centre for Groundforce Training will be based at Kearney Training & Consultancy (KTC Safety) in Ballydavis, Portlaoise, Co Laois. KTC is one of the largest Health and Safety training organisations in Ireland, with one of the largest dedicated training centres in the country.

A total of eight one and two-day courses for accredited EUSR categories 1 to 5 will be on offer, ranging from locating utility services and implementing safe digging (excavating) practices, to installing, inspecting and removing timber, steel and proprietary shoring systems.

The opening of the new Irish training centre is in response to increasing demand from the industry for excavation safety training.

Groundforce Ireland director Joseph Lenihan said: ““Groundforce’s new excavation safety and temporary works training courses are a game-changer for the Irish construction industry. For too many years, the safe installation and removal of safety critical shoring systems has been a grey area for the industry, with accredited training on the use of these systems not readily available in Ireland. This situation creates significant risk on construction sites, as without appropriate training, full competency is not possible.

“Now with Irish-based trainers and a newly built training area at KTC’s training centre in Portlaoise, Groundforce can provide accredited training in this safety critical area. In the past, Groundforce UK have delivered training courses to a number of key Irish contractors and we are confident the industry will appreciate this new local offering and avail of it.”

He added: “With the broader area of temporary works becoming an ever more critical aspect of projects, we urge all contractors who are engaged in excavation works to consider the benefits of this training.”

KTC managing director David Kearney said: “We at KTC Safety Ltd are pleased to go into partnership with Groundforce Training and to introduce a new sector of training and assessment within Ireland.

“KTC Safety Ltd is the one of the largest independent Health and Safety training organisations in Ireland, with a dedicated training centre in Portlaoise, Co Laois. Our facility specialises in the operation of heavy plant in the construction industry and other sectors, therefore we put a high value on safe, appropriate training and certification ensuring that workers can be fully competent as they carry out their roles on site.

“We are pleased to be able to facilitate this excavation safety training at our training centre in Portlaoise, Co Laois. With the combined expertise of KTC Safety Ltd and Groundforce Training we are confident this new aspect of training will be beneficial to the construction industry.”

For more information on the new training facility, go to or call 1800800668