A Side-Grip Hammer and Impact Hammer are the latest excavator attachments from Piletec.

Two new piling attachments that save civil engineering contractors time and money have been added to its UK hire offering by piling equipment specialist Piletec.

These are an ICE Side-Grip Hammer by Dieseko Group and a DX20 Excavator-Mounted Impact Hammer, which are designed to safely drive long sheet piles and steel tubes, and when used together are capable of installing sheet piles up to 16m long.

Both new piling hammers benefit contractors as they provide the ability to install long sheet piles, negating the need to employ a specialist piling contractor.

Robust and easy to fit and operate, the Side-Grip Hammer is safer than other methods of installing sheet piles as the pile is picked up firmly by the hammer, eliminating the need for additional personnel.

Compared to other Side-Grip Hammers, which can take a day or longer to install, the ICE Side-Grip can be fully set up in approximately 2-3 hours, including setting excavator flows, hydraulics and electrical connections.

Designed to be simple, rigid and reliable, the ICE Side-Grip was developed following an extensive study on similar attachments, as well as input from operators who best understand their requirements. The result is a unique, linear side-clamping system that gives full control over the sheet pile.

Working in conjunction with the Side-Grip, the DX20 Excavator-Mounted Impact Hammer gives the operator full control of the hammer stroke and blow rate from inside the excavator, which allows precise matching of energy to suit the pile.

The DX20 is fitted with a tilt/rotator and quick hitch adapter for optimum manoeuvrability. When connected to the excavator’s quick hitch, the hammer can be quickly lifted from a horizontal transport position to a vertical position. Side tilt adjustment of 5° left and right allows it to cope with the cant of site conditions, and during piling, the hammer is automatically guided or crowded in the vertical plane.

The hammer is delivered to site with a drive plate and anvil suitable for driving sheet piles and tubes up to 550mm, for 610mm diameter tubes (rail stanchions).

James Burchell, director for Piletec, said: “We continually look at new products to expand our portfolio to help meet all our customers’ requirements and offer real cost savings, which these two new hammer attachments deliver.”

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