Stopper Specialists' new air lance



Stopper Specialists have launched a new product that increases safety for contractors working around and removing buried utilities services.

The new Air Lance has been specifically designed to provide a safe solution to loosening soil around buried pipes, ducts and cables prior to removal either by traditional hand excavation or with suction and vacuum excavation methods.

Once the pipes or cables have been detected, an air compressor operating at 100psi and above directs high-speed air from the nozzle up to 930mph to effectively cut at a distance of around 100mm without damage or penetrating buried utilities or tree roots.

Lightweight, durable and robust, with an engineering grade nylon, non-conductive body which is manufacturer tested and certified to 75Kva as standard, the trigger design features an easy to operate, proportional air flow control making it even more user friendly for operators.

Sam Woodcock, general manager of Stopper Specialists, said: “As a company, we are always looking at new products that will improve site safety and provide cost effective solutions for our customers. The Air Lance will help to reduce the risk of hitting a cable, gas or water line which could result in workers being seriously injured as well as preventing costly repairs, contractor fines and liability issues.”

For those looking to ensure they follow safe digging practices, Groundforce Training, sister company of Stopper Specialists, offer an EUSR accredited course – Locate Utility Services & Implement Safe (Digging) Excavating Practices. This course includes both theoretical and practical assessments which ultimately aid those required to oversee and/or carry out work around excavations, particularly around underground services.