Sunward's new SWE 155FW wheeled excavator



New Sunward SWE 155FW wheeled excavator set to make its European debut.

A game-changing 15-tonne wheeled excavator is set to be launched by Sunward Europe at the MATEXPO exhibition (September 6-10) near the company’s European headquarters.

Fresh off their IF Design Award win for their zero-tail model, the Sunward design team has struck gold again, with the SWE 155FW delivering super efficiency, robustness and versatility in one beautifully designed machine that seamlessly adopts the new design language introduced with the F-series family at Bauma 2022.

The SWE 155FW is designed to handle a myriad of tasks well above its pay grade, with a two-piece boom and an operating weight ranging from 14,700 kg (blade) to 15,400 kg (blade and rear stabilizers).

A powerhouse designed to redefine expectations, the SWE 155FW’s heart is a compact but mighty Cummins QSF3.8 engine. Delivering a robust 155 kW at 2,200 rpm, it achieves near-zero emissions without compromising on power, performance or fuel efficiency.

The inline four-cylinder design and modest 3.8L displacement sip fuel conservatively, improving total fluid efficiency (including both fuel and diesel exhaust fluid) by up to 3% without sacrificing performance. Compared to its predecessor, this engine delivers 10% more power and nearly 20% more torque across the entire RPM range.

The SWE 155FW’s hydraulic system boasts industry-leading efficiency, translating to minimal fuel consumption. Sunward’s innovative thinking has led to a 7% increase in machine displacement, a 4% boost in power, and a remarkable 6% enhancement in volume efficiency, making this excavator an energy-efficient marvel.

In addition, the Cummins engine comes equipped with a two-stage filtration system, reducing maintenance costs and downtime. With 620Nm of engine torque, operators can use five programmable attachment work modes to seamlessly adapt to various work environments, enjoying swift acceleration while saving precious fuel.

Even refueling becomes a rare occurrence with the SWE 155FW. Not only is it extraordinarily economical but it also boasts an industry-leading fuel tank capacity of 320 litres, setting a new standard in the excavator world.

With the hydraulic system at the heart and soul of any excavator, Sunward embarked on a partnership with Hengli, a name synonymous with efficiency and reliability in the excavator realm, to create a positive flow control system that dramatically reduces power losses.

With hydraulic system pressures soaring to an impressive 31.4/34.3 MPa, the SWE 155FW effortlessly meets the rigorous demands of various tasks, elevating mining efficiency to new heights, whether it is excavating, lifting or maneuvering. And just like the generous fuel tank capacity, the SWE 155FW boasts an oil tank with a best-in-class volume of 185L.

Durability of the core structural components of the SWE 155FW (the boom, arm and chassis) has been achieved with increased sheet material thickness, rendering them resistant to distortions even under extreme pressures. All supporting elements are meticulously crafted from high-strength, high-ductility structural steel, creating components that boast both exceptional wear resistance and structural strength.

To top it off, the SWE 155FW’s hyperbolic bucket type is a game-changer. Its design reduces resistance significantly, enabling swift soil-to-rock transitions and significantly boosting digging and loading efficiency. This efficiency isn’t just a performance boon – it also translates to reduced overall fuel consumption as well.

With wheeled excavators often deployed in road construction scenarios where safety is paramount, the SWE 155FW offers three configurations – a dozer blade that is also designed to function as a stabilizer, a dozer blade with two rear stabilisers, enhancing rear stability, and two front stabilisers with two rear stabilisers, offering comprehensive stability on all fronts.

What also sets the SWE 155FW apart are its three separate auxiliary lines, a standard feature often lacking in other machines. Two of these lines are equipped with shut-off valves, ensuring effortless and leak-free attachment installations. These auxiliary lines are distributed as follows:

  • AUX 1, situated at the boom of the arm, primarily serves the hydraulic quick-hitch, offering seamless compatibility.
  • AUX 2, designed for greater flow, caters to the demands of flow-hungry attachments like breakers, ensuring consistent performance.
  • AUX 3, offering a lower flow rate, serves as an additional line for attachments equipped with two actuators, enhancing adaptability.

Sunward Europe product manager Hans Driesen said: “As we embarked on this journey through its remarkable features, we discovered a machine that redefines the industry’s standards in more ways than one. From its awe-inspiring design, combining strength with agility, to its robust performance and eco-friendly credentials, the SWE 155FW leaves an indelible mark”.

“Our design choices result in a machine that provides so many standard features, premium-brand key components, and capabilities at the right price. And furthermore, Sunward’s own genuine spare parts are economical as well – and all of this best value for money is crowned by up to three years of warranty.”

For the full story, go to SWE 155FW photos are available from the Sunward photo gallery LINK and complete technical specifications are available HERE.