TPA pontoons at Tough Mudder



TPA Pontoons prove the toughest in Spartan Tough Mudder.

When the world’s best mud run series decided to reinstate a pontoon obstacle, they looked to temporary access solutions provider TPA, and TPA were almost too good for them!

The Tough Mudder organisers were looking for a pontoon obstacle for their two-day North West event at Cholmondeley Castle in Cheshire that would be unsteady enough for some participants to cross, others would find challenging, and some would fall off into the stately home’s lake.

But when TPA first installed the 76m2 modular plastic Versadock “island hopping” pontoon it was too stable!

TPA’s operations manager for pontoons and rail, Neil Crosby, said: “We had to make some minor adjustments to make it feel a little more unstable and challenging underfoot as the competitors traversed the structure.

“The basic design and concept had been supplied by the client. We were given two options and after a period of consultation and a few minor adjustments, we settled on a design. The overriding brief was to make the platform feel unstable and difficult to traverse. So, it shows just how stable our pontoons are for what they are usually specified for!”

This was the first time TPA had been involved in supplying obstacle-based equipment into the Spartan Tough Mudder series, and it’s unlikely to be their last!

George Playford, course and construction executive for Tough Mudder and Spartan UK, said: “We plan to use the TPA pontoon next year and will assess which venues it could be possible and allowed at. TPA performed very well in terms of their product and service. I was very happy with the on-site team.”

TPA’s on-site team of three took two days to install and a day to deconstruct the pontoon using the company’s purpose-built 7.5-tonne HGV, and it was used for all the event’s races, from a one-mile track for children to a 15k track.

Tough Mudder has featured water-based obstacles before and this year found TPA on an internet search. TPA’s systems were specified over others due to the company’s “commitment to cost and programme.”

Emelye Ferguson, UK brand marketing manager for Tough Mudder and Spartan UK, said: “From looking through the event feedback, it was definitely a favourite, so it would be great news if we can run again in the future!”

Neil Crosby added: “All round it was a very enjoyable build and something we look forward to working on again next year. I know our guys have some interesting ideas in mind. This was a first for TPA and definitely an area we are looking to expand into going forward.”