TPA's latest RRAP



TPA’s newest temporary RRAP that delivers real-time savings for rail contractors.

A RRAP that can be installed by hand rather than machine, saving time spent waiting for power to be isolated to avoid plant conflicting with overhead lines, has proven popular with TPA’s rapid rail access customers since its launch.

The time saving enabled by TPA’s TAMS V-RAM temporary RRAP is estimated to be approximately one hour per shift or five hours per week/20 hours per month.

The only Network Rail approved temporary RRAP system suitable for use on bull-head track, the TAMS V-RAM has been designed to ensure the safe on/off and cross tracking of RRVs and wheeled plant vehicles up to 50 tonnes, during rail renewals and maintenance works.

Uniquely, this medium heavy-duty portable TAMS V-RAM temporary RRAP can be installed by four to six people in less than 20 minutes, then recovered in less than 10, and moved quickly and reconfigured as required.

The TAMS VRAM can be used in conjunction with TPA’s TAMS (Track Access Matting System) (PA05/05308) during S&Cs and track renewal works.