Manufacturer manages to deliver product for a high-profile maintenance project.
Welsh Slate has won praise from one of the UK’s biggest local authorities for enabling it to carry out a high-profile maintenance project throughout lockdown.
The manufacturer used a skeleton staff to arrange the delivery of a total of 40m2 of 600mm x 100mm Cwt-Y-Bugail paving slabs for the refurbishment of the iconic Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester city centre.
The 20mm-thick slabs have been laid in a special cement mix to replace old Welsh Slate paving on public walkways in the areas of the city’s famous Christmas markets.
They had been manufactured for Manchester City Council, a new customer, before lockdown but there was no time to deliver so it looked as though Piccadilly Gardens would have to wait some time for its facelift.
However, the council asked the leading manufacturer if it could help, and after its stock yard and processes were made Covid-19 safe, the material was delivered to site, and installation took just two weeks.
The council believes the old Welsh Slate paving slabs had been down for 25 years.
Welsh Slate’s commercial director Michael Hallé said: “The paving was manufactured but there was no time to deliver before we temporarily shut. So, the council contacted us via our website to ask if we could deliver during lockdown and we were delighted to be able to do so.”
The maintenance of Piccadilly Gardens precludes a major refurbishment of the area to encourage its use by families. Elements will include improved lighting, raised grass areas, new planting, a children’s play area, new street furniture and the transformation of the Pavilion Wall.
Manchester City Council has since placed further orders for the same paving – a small amount to complete the Piccadilly Gardens project and the rest to be kept in stock for future requirements. It has also expressed interest in other building products manufactured by Welsh Slate’s parent, the Breedon Group.